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Beginner’s Guide to MegaSporeBiotic from Microbiome Labs
April 20, 2022 at 5:00 AM
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Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are key players in promoting good gut health. While there are several kinds of foods rich with probiotics, depending on when you eat them, and the specific strain of probiotics, these helpful bacteria may not survive the stomach's acidity.

For probiotics to benefit our health, the bacteria must be able to pass through stomach acid and reach the small or large intestine. That’s where probiotic supplements can offer support.

What is MegaSporeBiotic?

MegaSporeBiotic is a broad-spectrum probiotic supplement that is 100% spore-based. The supplement promotes microbial diversity, maintains good gut bacteria, and its efficacy is not impacted during antibiotic treatments. In addition, you don’t have to refrigerate the supplement or worry about the product expiring before you use it. It has a shelf-life of up to 5 years!

Because MegaSporeBiotic is completely spore-based, its ingredients are better suited, and more effective, at surviving the harsh gastric system. To receive the benefits of certain probiotic-rich foods, you may need to eat them first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach. Furthermore, when certain foods that naturally have probiotics (like miso, kimchi, or sauerkraut) are cooked at temperatures around 115 Fahrenheit, or are processed or canned, the amount of probiotics you actually receive per serving can decrease.

But by supplementing with a probiotic supplement, you’re more likely to consistently experience the health benefits probiotics afford our guts.

The Ingredients inside MegaSporeBiotic

MegaSporeBiotic contains a blend of 5 Bacillus spores that have been researched extensively for their health benefits. It’s because of the Bacillus spores’ bi-phasic life cycle that the spores can effectively colonize the gut. This bi-phasic life cycle enables the spores to transition from being active or dormant depending on the environment.

Basically, Bacillus won’t become active before they reach an environment that’s suited to their natural state. So, they travel through our digestive system until they arrive at the large intestine, where the spores then begin to become part of our microbiomes and support our well-being.

The Bacillus strains inside the MegaSporeBiotic supplement have been found to curb the growth of bad bacteria and yeast and help strengthen our body’s immune response.

How to Take MegaSporeBiotic Supplements

Just like with other supplements you might take, this supplement is best taken with a meal. However, it shouldn't cause an upset stomach if taken by itself.

The suggested dose is 2 capsules per day. But if you experience uncomfortable side effects, you can start with 1 capsule with food or even half a capsule per day.

Recommended Titration

Because MegaSporeBitoic is a powerful probiotic supplement, it’s always best to start taking it in low amounts over time until you’re taking the recommended amount. Try following this titration schedule for the best results:

  • Week 1: During the first week, take ½ a capsule every other day
  • Week 2: One capsule daily
  • Week 3 and on: 2 capsules daily

While side effects like abdominal cramping or changes to bowel movements are possible, these are signs that the supplement is working and they should resolve within a few days.

If you’d like, however, you can always take a longer time to work your way up to the 2 capsules per day goal. For example, you could try supplementing with ½ of a capsule daily for week two before moving on to one capsule each day. An expert nutritionist can help you figure out what’s right for you!

Interested in Learning if a Probiotic Supplement Can Benefit Your Health?

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, it is my priority to help you reach a lifestyle that centers on your healing. Together, we can determine the root of your digestive issues, and find personalized solutions. Get in touch with me to start your journey.

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